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Choosing a Hairstyle Based on Maintenance and Lifestyle

A stunning hairstyle makes you look stunning, but if you’re taking ages each and every morning just to do it right, is it worth keeping? A high-maintenance hairdo is exciting, but when it becomes a day-to-day burden, switching to something simpler might be smart.

The idea is to choose something you wear anywhere, like running errand or buying something from the store. In situations like these, you don’t have to go all out. You just need your hair to look decent, and of course, it should suit your features too. Then on special occasions, you can always have that do you’ve always fancied.

Why do you need that kind of distinction? Because whether you like it or not, your hairstyle affects your everyday life. And keeping it good has much to do with your current lifestyle and personality, two factors that usually get ignored, consciously or unconsciously, when people choose a hairstyle.

Point is that people will have their conclusions about you or plain judge you based on your hairstyle. It’s unfair but it’s reality.

So the question is, what is your hair communicating to those around you? That’s where lifestyle and personality come into the picture.

Lifestyle is mainly about practicality. It it warm where you live? Do you usually get sweaty? You probably like to just to tie your hair back in a ponytail. Obviously, your hair needs to be long enough for that kind of hairstyle.

Do you have to wear a formal attire to your office? If so, you should go with a more traditional hairstyle instead of something artsy.

Are you part of any subcultures? Punk or goth? Each has its own set of hairstyles associated with them.

Maybe you’re not really part of any group but you’re just naturally edgy in your choices. If you’re less a girly girl and more a free-spirit type, getting a shorter hairstyle or pixie cut will convey this trait more accurately. You may even consider coloring those strands. If it’s what your heart wants, by all means, give in.

Some people carry shorter hair better than the rest (facial shape plays a huge role in this). In general, we tend to think that longer hair and natural colors are best, but it’s really up to you. Of course, it’s always important to be reasonable in every choice we make.

The final point is that your personality should be considered when you decide on a particular hairstyle. And don’t hesitate to experiment! What could be better than being comfortable in your own skin – and hair?

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